Thursday, February 27, 2020

Communication strategy for Audi Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Communication strategy for Audi - Essay Example What is meant by this is application of the appropriate media and messages with the aim of communicating the information to the targeted UK market successfully. There are basic things that may be needed by customers from different places in the UK. Despite their needs their preferences and tastes of a product always vary from one customer to another. The explanation for the difference lies in geographic, culture and socioeconomic environments. These are state in which the goods are consumed. The sociological and location factors influence the consumer’s behavior and directly apply to communication. Audi has got many customers in UK market inclusive of billionaires, and others are aged below 30 years. The statistics have been pointed out specifically to show that customers in this market change. Studies done in the past have revealed that decision making, purchasing criteria and channels of communication are different with the younger customers than the generation of the past w ho got wealth in the post cultural revolution. Although the currently rich customers in their 50’s make major targets for Audi products, a marketer should be in a position to forecast future developments. The main purpose of this report is to establish the targeted customers, their ways of processing information, how they use their personal and mass communication and their attitude to Audi products. Discussion The significance of implication of good strategies in communication marketing strategies by Audi is essential. Effective communication to the targeted market will grow into a critical state. The behavior of a consumer can be narrowed down to how the customers process information, the process of making a decision and their culture (Kotler & Armstrong, 2004). Due to the difference in consumers, there must be a difference in marketing communication. Marketing communication is a process of management whereby the consumers communicates with an organization. It incorporates p ersonal and mass communication at various levels of the process. Personal communication is communication in marketing on how information is relayed to a consumer by the sales person. In addition to that, it is concerned with how media information is interpreted. Mass communication is communication in the market on different means through which firms convey information via mass media directed towards a large portion of the population. Based on Audi, the main reason for this report is to help understand Audi’s behavior on the grounds of its purchase, which defines a perfect strategy in marketing communication. This report will be divided into five. These are the Audi market, behavior of the consumer, market differences, market communication and the findings which to recommendation. Audi brand Horch one of the starters of Audi is also a founder of the automotive industry in German. This firm was situated in Saxony which is town well known of technology. In 1989, this firmâ€℠¢s yearly sales exceeded 100 for the first moment. In 1909, due to the misunderstandings between the supervisor and the board, Horch resigned from this firm and instantly started another company. Horch being the initial firm’s name was changed to Audi which was a Latin word having the same meaning as Horch. The development of Audi as a brand cannot be separated from the hard work and operations of Horch. From the time Audi came into existence, Horch made his point of attraction, which is the production of high quality. As his firm’s appearance, technology and performance improved Audi also earned a name. In 1969, the Volkswagen group under Audi with the support of finance by the

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